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We offer so much more than just vehicle tinting and wrapping services here!


We pride ourselves on being ceramic coating specialists (ceramic coat, glass coating). We have years of experience with ceramic coatings and applying them to give the best possible gloss, finish and durability.

Once professionally applied to your vehicle, ceramic coat leaves an extremely durable and high-gloss finish which prevents pollutants from impacting the paintwork of the car.

Without this protection, paintwork could be become dull and faded over time when exposed to atmospheric pollutants and harsh car wash chemicals. Paintwork will progressively fade and hold dirt meaning cleaning and washing will become harder.

The ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s paintwork, alloys, bumpers, glass (except front and rear screens) even interior surfaces and fabrics. They are all shielded. 





Finance Options Available

We can spit your payment over 4, 6 or 12 months to spread the cost

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