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What is Payment Assist?

Want to spread the cost of your final bill?
Interest Free. Fee Free.

Heres how it works!

You've seen one of our amazing window tint jobs on your mate's Facebook post so you decide to come and get yours done. You bring your car down to our unit and spot an amazing car wrap job sitting in the yard waiting to be collected and think.....

'Why not go all out, I'll get the alloys restored while I'm here as well!

Payday is a few weeks off yet and you can't quite fork out everything at once, so for example

The final cost is £400

You pay 25% deposit which is £100 on the day

You then pay 3 equal payments of £100 for 3 months


It's as simple as that.

Just let us know if you want to use our Payment Assist option and we will do the rest!

Original bill: £400. Total paid: £400. No fees, no interest.

Payment Assist
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